Human-Computer Interaction (Bachelor & Master)

Studien-Info-Tag 2024

20. Februar 2024

We welcomed pupils to the university-wide Studien-Info-Tag, where prospective students had the opportunity to explore various degree programs. We were represented at the event with our bachelor’s program in Human-Computer Interaction. In a keynote followed by a lab tour entitled “AI, Metaverse and User Experience: Understanding and Designing Digital Worlds in the Human-Computer Interaction degree program”, pupils were given an insight into the interdisciplinary and diverse degree program.

Fourteen projects, including a PhD project, were presented to the pupils. The projects were selected from the Chair for Human-Computer Interaction, the Group of Psychology of Intelligent Interactive Systems, and the Chair for Psychologische Ergonomie. Students showcased the projects they had completed during their studies, providing visitors with a glimpse of the hands-on learning experience and creative opportunities that our degree program offers.


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