Human-Computer Interaction Programs

Fachschaftsinitiative (Ini) MCS/HCI

Who we are

As a voluntary student association the Ini MCS/HCI* and its members want to take an active part in student life. We contribute in decisions, communicate and discuss feedback but we also carry out a number of events to enrich college life.

*FachschaftsInitiative Human-Computer Systems / Human-Computer Interaction

Want to take part?

Feel free to join us at our weekly meeting every Tuesday during semester at 4:00 p.m. (Room 202, ZfM) or contact us in any other form.

Members from left to right: Sebbo, Rene, Kathi, Maria, Johannes, Maxi, Lena, Lucas, Jens, Philipp, Kilian (Not in the picture: JEF, David F., David S., Huy, Nathalie, Lukas, Julien)

What we do



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How to Get in Touch


When? Every Tuesday during semester at 4:15 p.m.

Where? 02.014 (Z6)

Ini Office

Where? E21 in building Z8 (Rechenzentrum) Hubland Süd


Contact Nathalie Milke – via on any matter.

Feedback Form

Feel free to submit anonymous feedback – what can we do better to represent you?

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