Human-Computer Interaction Programs

General Information for Bachelor Students

Documents and information for students of the Bachelor’s degree Human-Computer Systems:

Course Specific Regulations

The “Fachspezifische Bestimmungen” (FSB) supplement the “Allgemeine Studien- und Prüfunsordnung” (ASPO) with details for Bachelor’s degree “Mensch-Computer-Systeme”. The FSB contains the course description (SFB), which lists the individual modules of the course. The ASPO and FSB, which are valid at the time of commencement of studies, are valid.

Effective from ASPO FSB
March 2018 ASPO 2015 FSB 2018
April 2016 ASPO 2015 FSB 2016
September 2015 ASPO 2015 FSB 2015
January 2013 ASPO 2009 FSB 2013


The suggested course selection for the regular study time in the FSB 2016 and 2018 (English version). Curriculum FSB 2015.


Examination Office of the Faculty of Humanities

Documents and information provided by the Examination Office can be found here. The bachelor’s degree program Human-Computer Systems is assigned to the examination Office of the Faculty of Human Sciences.

Central study counseling

Information provided by the central study counseling on the Bachelor’s degree can be found here.

Online portals


Online portal for the administration of events, examinations, and course certificates


Platform for the management of courses and teaching materials

Going abroad!

You have a variety of possibilities to complete parts of your studies abroad. Please get in touch with the International Office of the University of Würzburg at an early stage. In general, the farther away, the sooner!

For any ideas that can expand this list, please send an e-mail to the Academic Counselor.

Legal Information